It’s interesting how the dynamics change between B2B and B2C marketing. Especially considering these different marketers are talking to the exact same person. Whether someone is purchasing a product or solution for themselves or their company, they’re looking to achieve the same outcome. To solve a problem or fill a need. It’s only the scale, cost, and number of decision makers that differs.

“I need the best security for my home computer so hackers don’t steal my banking details.” “We need the best security for our company IT infrastructure so hackers don’t steal our business-critical data.”

The general consensus seems to be that B2B marketing isn’t very exciting. And that’s simply not true. There’s no such thing as a boring company or product. But there is such a thing as a boring, uninspiring marketing campaign. There’s a number of firmly-held misconceptions about B2B marketing.

“There’s no such thing as a boring company or product. But there is such a thing as a boring, uninspiring marketing campaign. ”


It’s B2B, so my content needs to be long and technical

No, no it does not. The way B2B customers are consuming information has changed dramatically in recent years, with mobile technology being the key driver.

Many B2B IT vendors are now incorporating what was typically seen as B2C elements into their communication channels, and utilizing more digital touchpoints.

Effective content needs to promote value, emphasise how your products and services are beneficial to businesses and customers. Highlight ways your solutions can save time, money, resources or a combination of these and other benefits. And it needs to do this as succinctly as possible. Develop content that generates interest in your products and solutions.

Then provide collateral that includes the important technical specifications customers need to make an informed decision.


It’s B2B, so my content needs to be long and technical

People need facts and figures to make a decision, but they want a story that explains and reinforces those facts and figures in ways that relate to their business. Tell the story of how your products help businesses achieve their goals, then back it up with your hard data.

B2B marketers are seeing the value of brand storytelling. Creating content that reflects real-world business challenges and offers an ideal solution that doesn’t just rely on a sales pitch or price point.

The key to achieving this is authenticity. Customers have become much more savvy and can instantly detect fact from fiction.

“Creative ideas come first. And that enables creative execution.”


LinkedIn is the only social channel for B2B

As the main professional social network platform, LinkedIn is the first choice for B2B marketers. But it should not be the only choice.

It’s taken a while for B2B marketers to fully embrace social media as a genuine marketing tool. Business leaders, senior managers and their teams are on social media every day – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

What they have realized is that social media platforms can be used to significantly increase brand and product awareness, generate leads, and expand the reach of a campaign. It can also be the sole communication channel of a campaign where followers are directed to a featured asset or web page.

B2B marketers need to identify and be active on all social platforms used and frequented by existing and potential customers. Some B2B IT vendors are successfully using social media to elevate their market position and enhance their reputation as an industry leader.

While the industries may be different the fundamentals for B2B and B2C marketing remain the same. Developing creative B2B marketing campaigns can yield significant benefits for your business in both brand building and customer acquisition. But it’s also challenging, which is where the Elastic Digital team can help.

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