Why you should add video to your channel marketing strategy

With even the most cursory glance you notice just how many people are focused on the screen of their mobile device as they narrowly miss walking into a pole. Even though you secretly wish they had.

And more often than not, they’re watching a video.

In its Visual Networking Index whitepaper, Cisco estimates that mobile video traffic now accounts for more than half of all mobile data traffic. And this is set to grow, accounting for nearly four-fifths (79 percent) of all mobile data traffic by 2022 – this represents a staggering 9-fold increase since 2017.

As the consumption of video increases, so too does the value marketers place on the format to gain the attention of customers. The obstacle for many channel marketers is having the internal resources, knowledge and experience needed to create an engaging video.

Versatile and engaging

A lot of marketing collateral in the B2B sphere is often highly technical.
Video allows you to covey a large amount of information quickly, demonstrate product features and functions as well as enable viewers to re-play key messaging. It can also be incorporated into an email marketing campaign microsite and further promoted via social media. Resulting in increased click-throughs and longer page views.

Video is also more likely to be shared between team members and
colleagues than print collateral. Especially when it contains helpful sales tips and business insights.

Search engines also love video as it’s considered high-quality content. So, adding video to web pages can elevate your SEO ranking — as long as it’s optimized correctly using the right keywords, has a strong meta description and a compelling title.

Through a well-crafted script, imagery, movement and sound, channel marketers are seeing the power of video to tell a good brand story tailored to their target audience. This creates the catalyst that drives action, which in the channel world equates to sales.

Being social

There’s a key difference with videos on social media compared to a platform like YouTube or a Google search. Generally people actively search YouTube or Google for something specific, music, a movie trailer or a how-to video. On social media, videos are usually seen when scrolling or shared by friends or colleagues.

For channel marketers, populating social pages with video is a great way to increase brand awareness or showcase new product launches.

Attracting and retaining attention has always been a marketing challenge, which is why short-form video is gaining momentum. Utilized mostly in the retail sector but starting to expand into the B2B space, these quick videos (3 – 10 seconds), are less intrusive. They’re used to pique the interest of end-users and direct them to the full-length version either on your website or as part of your overall marketing campaign.

A video library

There’s a number of different video styles. And it’s a good idea to employ them all to keep your content fresh,
engaging and prevent them from becoming repetitive. With the addition of subtitles, videos can be translated for a global audience – adding further reach to your channel campaign.

One of the most favored is animation. There’s a fun simplicity to animations that can’t be captured by live action video. Vibrant and visually engaging, it’s easier for the viewer to absorb information graphically. And you don’t have the added expense and complications of location shoots.

Demonstration videos (which are often animations) are ideal to show end-users how new functionalities or products work. They can also simplify complex instructions with walk-throughs and short-cuts.

Interviews offer a very authentic and human element to your videos. They enable you to have conversations with a special guest or respected industry leader discussing the business benefits your product or service delivers.

Event invite videos, while not very common, are becoming more popular to promote an upcoming event, seminar or exhibition. It provides the opportunity to introduce your guest speakers, outline the itinerary, and showcase the venue.

Lights, camera, CTA

Video is effective in driving a response and sales, which is why channel marketers are increasingly adopting it as part of their content strategy within their overall marketing framework.

It’s imperative however, to create videos that are visually engaging with a good brand story. One that understands and addresses a business challenge and offers a solution, and not purely a product sales pitch.

A challenge in its own right, but one Elastic Digital can help you solve.

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