4 Considerations for your global channel strategy

As borders in the business world continue to fade and business leaders try to keep pace with a rapidly changing landscape, it’s never been more important to have a global digital channel marketing strategy. Especially during times when air travel, face-to-face meetings, and tradeshows need to be postponed or taken online.

This has led to vendors needing to expand beyond their regional marketplace and roll out global channel programs to remain competitive. Creating a comprehensive global channel strategy helps identify value-added resellers and successfully navigate the complexity of a potentially new or emerging market while significantly increasing revenue. It also allows companies to showcase their brand, products and solutions to a whole new target audience.

1. Going global

Creating a digital global marketing campaign that’s tailored for a local market and delivered by an intuitive automation platform allows vendors to reach channel partners simultaneously across various regions.

It provides partners with guidelines so they can develop and launch their own campaigns customized with their logo and corporate colors while still being consistent in the messaging. Campaigns can be created so they coincide with regional or cultural events, holidays or react quickly to market changes and take advantage of local opportunities.

2. Lost in translation

Co-branded content via multi-touch campaigns that incorporate personalized emails and customizable microsites featuring infographics, case studies, white papers and other sales enablement content ultimately lead to partners becoming recognized as innovators and thought leaders in their region. Utilizing social media networks provides additional touchpoints for partners to connect and share information with customers in real time.

The most important aspect of a global strategy is being single-minded in your messaging. Although the campaign will need to be adapted to resonate with the local market, it’s essential the key message remains the same and is focused on the meeting the needs of the end user.

When developing a campaign, understanding the local language, the use of colloquial terms and being acutely aware of sensitivities towards imagery, color, and cultural customs is vital.

Developing a strategy with input from local partners in order to determine exactly what they need and understand best practices will help vendors forge a strong relationship. Additionally, it will mitigate any confusion between vendors, partners and customers.

3. Tell your story to the world

By leveraging an easy-to-use marketing automation platform, you can provide new global partners with a library of resources and the flexibility they need to launch your campaigns to their market. Having the ability to rapidly develop and deploy a customized campaign by local team members enables your partners to take advantage of multi-market opportunities. This adds significant value to your business and new and existing partners.

Developing and implementing a global channel strategy can open up new revenue streams, increase market share and brand recognition.

Outlining your company’s vision for its global channel strategy helps increase the adoption of the campaign by partners. It also formalizes marketing, resulting in unified measurement and reporting processes.

4. Analyze, adjust, repeat

Finally, rolling out a global channel strategy tailored to local markets provides the opportunity for you to gain a greater insight into the markets in which your partners operate.

Each campaign will garner feedback and suggestions from all markets. This invaluable information leads to the development of best practices, which will help shape future campaigns and assist in driving long-term success for both your business and your global partners.

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