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The changing role of graphic design in B2B marketing

The best graphic designers understand that design isn’t just about creating images that look good. It has an important job to do. Mainly, attract and retain attention and communicate a message that differentiates your company from competitors.

And it has to do that in seconds.

Here we look at five key elements that make great design.

I can see clearly now

Designers understand the value of simplicity. There’s nothing less appealing than a cluttered page where you can’t find what you’re looking for without constant scanning.

Design is not solely about looks.
It is also focused on the user experience UX and the user interface UI—like buttons and icons—that enable interaction.

The purpose of whitespace is to ensure your content and images are easy to view, in a layout that enables visitors to focus on the various elements of the page. This is a powerful way to emphasize messaging or guide the viewer to focus on a specific area, such as a call to action button, promotion or statistics.

The perfect response

Responsive web design has been around for more than a decade. Yet it’s still not done by all companies.

With more and more people spending time on mobile devices, every single website, email or promotion needs to be just as viewable on a phone or tablet as it would on a desktop computer. And it needs to load quickly – two seconds or less.

People want, and expect, information almost instantly, so the more simple the design, the easier it is to navigate, and the faster it loads, the better you can meet their expectations.

All the right moves

Moving images such as GIFs and cinemagraphs added to emails and web pages capture and hold attention.

Animating graphs, pie and bar charts, and analytics percentage figures, adds to the interaction your prospective customers experience with your design. This allows you to convey important and complex information quickly. And in a way that will be noticed.

Imagery and color that are appealing enable people to immediately transcend language and understand the intention of a message.

Method to the madness

There’s a purposeful strategy behind all great design. Incorporating your most important information or message at the beginning of your page is essential. Image size, colour and proximity are elements of hierarchy that can be used to emphasise important information.

Design can attract and engage potential customers, enhance the quality of your message, influence purchasing decisions, and, improve your ROI

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It’s important for your site to be intuitive and guide viewers in a predictable way. Design layout is a powerful tool for leading the eye to where you want it to go. Clear messaging and easily identifiable call to action (CTA) buttons are essential.

Think of the experience you want visitors to have and make calculated design decisions that will guide them visually from point A to B.

To gain the interest of prospective and existing customers, your site needs to be visually exciting. But to engage and keep them on your site, it needs to be user-friendly.

As with all other aspects of marketing, design requires you to place yourself in the position of your customer. To understand what will resonate and encourage them to explore your product solutions.

And great designers, like our talented team at Elastic Digital, know how to do this better than most.

We’re excited to help you get started on your next project.

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