Six Steps to Driving Higher Adoption and Performance of Channel Programs – Part 4: Marketing Plays

Six Steps to Higher Adoption and Performance of Channel Programs

It’s time to deliver marketing plays

Over the last few weeks we’ve covered the changes taking place in channel marketing, and how you can get to grips with the shift in demand generation. We’re basing our recommendations on studies from SiriusDecisions, by and large because they fit very closely with the methodologies we recommend to our clients.

So far we’ve covered partner profiling, enabling your partners with marketing fundamentals, and linking their learning with access to your professional demand generation tools through marketing certification.

The next step outlined in “Six Steps to Higher adoption and Performance of Channel Programs” is based on demand generation: delivering marketing plays.

What is a marketing play?

In this case, a marketing play relates to any plan, promotion or campaign designed to increase brand awareness, establish thought leadership or generate leads. A marketing play is a comprehensive, go-to-market strategy that makes it easy for partners to achieve a specified marketing goal.

What makes these plays different?

Following the recommendations from SiriusDecisions, your demand generation plays must:

  • Deliver outcome-based content
  • Promote specific solutions
  • Address partner-specific use cases
  • Be available on-demand
  • Be structured so they can be offered as incentives
  • Have content relating to certified partner skill levels

Plays that feature these points will fit into your broader channel marketing strategy more effectively. You can reward your partners for committing to your solutions, enhance their effectiveness when generating demand, and control the marketing message more thoroughly.

Can I automate my marketing plays?

Demand Generation Plays - The GridYes you can! Elastic Digital’s signature demand generation platform—the Grid—makes it easy to find campaigns and get them in front of prospects, without taking too much time away from the sales process.

Our clients use the Grid to give their partners automated demand generation plays on-demand, making it easy for them to generate lots of leads.

You can find out more about the Grid on our website, or by contacting us directly.

Join us next time as we continue with demand generation, taking a close look at the case for professional marketing concierge services.

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