Reassessing and redirecting your channel focus, strategy, and budget

There’s no doubt 2020 is a year that will be forever etched in the history books as a time when the world came together by staying apart. It’s also had the greatest impact on the way businesses have needed to rapidly adjust to global changes.

We’re now working from home. Face-to-face meetings and events have been replaced by screen-to-screen group chats and webinars, often at the dining table or home office (spare bedroom), which ironically seems a lot more personal as it offers a genuine glimpse into our daily life. And that essentially, we’re all pretty much the same.

As for channel marketers in this new, evolving landscape, capturing and holding the attention of customers has always been difficult. And with technology and working from home offering so many distractions and interruptions, it’s not getting any easier. Or is it?

To engage and enhance conversations with existing and potential customers, B2B channel marketers have started to embrace initiatives usually reserved for B2C marketing. And all indications suggest this is only going to increase moving further into 2020 and beyond.

Adding a personal touch

When it comes to personalization, customizing your email to include the recipient’s name is no longer considered personal. Customers now expect to see their name, anything less risks low engagement.

This year will place greater emphasis on authenticity, empathy, and personalization to deliver an enhanced customer experience. It will feel more personal to show that the content you have produced has been created with your customer in mind.

What you say is as important as how you say it. The tone of voice used in your emails affects the way customers respond. A conversational tone provides a more personal and genuine interaction between your brand and current or
potential customers.

It also demonstrates a keen understanding of the current business climate while delivering answers customers need. Through your CTA you can direct them to content that educates or helps solve a business challenge.

User-friendly design

We’re now a mobile-first society. Content is being increasingly consumed on the go. Our smartphone is first thing we reach for in the morning to check emails, and last thing at night to view social notifications.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to make emails and microsites responsive and mobile friendly. This approach also delivers an excellent UX and click-through rates.

Static emails are not enough to capture and hold the attention of your potential customers and entice them to take a specific action. Enhance the profile your email campaign through the use of moving GIF images as well as adding in the body section of your email, preview images of collateral featured on the microsite to generate curiosity and encourage click-through.

Email can drive a higher volume of sales than other channels and is important for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. It is paramount to create email campaigns that contain an equal proportion of relevancy and uniqueness.

Virtual events

With offices closed and conferences postponed, channel marketers that spent a vast amount of their annual budget and months planning and generating collateral have had their plans and hard work cancelled. This has led to the use of virtual webinar events and video increasing significantly.

With an abundance of online hosting services available, many channel marketers are creating email campaigns announcing their event is still going ahead, just in a different way. They’re able to utilize the collateral created for the live event by making it available to download. For people that weren’t able to attend the live event due to availability or conflicting schedule dates, they can now join online from anywhere. Many channel marketers are recording the event and making it available in video form and sending it out via an email campaign.

Stay in touch

While organizations are experiencing a downturn in sales, it’s essential you don’t become silent. Partners need the assurance that you’re still available and support their business in these challenging times.

Many channel marketers are still creating campaigns that enable their partners to stay in touch with customers. These campaigns are not always sales focused. Some offer business tips and advice that can be easily implemented for when things get back to normal. Many channel marketers are also providing sales and product training so partner team members can stay up to date with the latest product developments and have the answers to customer questions.

The challenge for channel marketers and decision makers today is breaking free of the safe, blended beige background normally associated with B2B marketing and taking a leap to be bold with their campaigns.

Whatever approach or initiative you choose to incorporate, it’s essential your email marketing content remains relevant and you continually place partners and their customers firmly at the center.

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