The Four Stages of Partner Enablement – Stage 3: Effectively Sell Your Solution

Sales Enablement - Stage 3: Sell

Effectively Selling Your Solution

Last week we discussed how you need to support your channel partners in setting up and executing demand generation campaigns. If you missed that article, you can check it out here. This week, we’re taking a closer look at the third stage of successful partner enablement: Sell.

Once they successfully set up and execute professional go-to-market strategies related to your solutions, your channel marketing partners should receive lots of leads from interested prospects. Unfortunately, lots of leads doesn’t always mean lots of sales. According to MarketingSherpa, 71% of qualified prospects DO NOT get converted into sales. That’s a pretty dismal stat.

Why is lead to sale conversion rate so low?

In a survey conducted by Forrester Research, only 34% of technology sales executives indicated that the salespeople they speak with are able to provide relevant materials to support their purchasing decisions. That’s a pretty good indicator that poor sales enablement = low lead to sale conversion rates.

Sales EnablementWhat can be done to fix this?

Give your channel partners what they need to close sales! You must provide your partners with in-depth solution support documentation, demonstration tools and other resources that effectively sell your solution. Give your channel partners the best chance of success with comprehensive sales positioning guides, comprehensive call scripts, detailed white papers, co-branded presentations, current case studies, automated ROI calculators and up-to-date SOW templates.

In a nutshell, give them everything they need to sell your product or solution and they will sell it.

Ready to learn about the last stage in successful partner marketing enablement now?

Download the white paper The Four Stages of Partner Marketing Enablement.

Sales Enablement doesn’t have to be a complex process. Visit the Enablement Tools section of the Elastic Digital website to learn how our Solution Enablement Toolkits (SETs) can simplify your channel partner enablement efforts. SETs are secure, online portals that organize content according to the four stages of enablement. Our clients use them to educate all tiers of their partners’ organizations, building marketable solution offerings that help them transform generating leads into generating revenue from leads.

Next week we’ll conclude this series by taking a look at the final stage in Partner Marketing Enablement: Delivery.

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